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Job Seekers

Accelerating your career with Qoosi, by posting your resumes, experience and your salary expectation on Qoosi and let employers find you and contact you directly. Find jobs you like on Qoosi and apply online or on employer website.

Employers Find You

Qoosi matches employers' searching keywords with information you put on your profile posts and let employer share jobs and invite you to apply directly.

Find and Contact Recruiters Directly

Want to reach out to recruiters directly and land your career in your favorite companies faster ? Qoosi let you find and contact with recruiters directly for free

Apply Your Resume Online

With Qoosi, you can search for your favourite jobs and apply directly online. You can also send a message to ask for more information from job poster directly for free.

Multiple Languages Profiles

You can post your profiles in multiple languages, and this increases the chance to be found by employers using your local language and other languages.