Ratanak CHHAYHR &Admin Managerភ្នំពេញ, ខណ្ឌច្បារអំពៅ
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- Recruiting staff, prepare questionnaire for interview and testing, reference check, job offer and making employment contract. - Establish compensation, bonus and incentive schemes. - Alert line management and updating files for employment contract - Assist the manager to prepare Job Description (JD), Employment Contract & Manpower Request for all staff - Maintain employees’ personal files and performance reports. - Maintain employees’ attendance records. - Process the payroll for all the staff after obtaining approval from the - Management - Prepared all staff contract. - Follow-up on issues concerning different departments - Join in developing human resource planning and HR policy - Implement and maintain HR policies by working closely with all line managers to assist in promoting the HR services across the company - Conduct recruitment & selection of staff as per annual planning and new staff requisition to ensure timely appointment of quality candidates for all vacancies - Take lead in organizing new staff orientation for general understanding of the company background, vision & mission, culture values, management structure etc. - Prepare, coordinate and administer all training session, workshop and seminar with both in-house training and with training agencies. - Conduct training and/or develop line trainers according to identified needs and provide training refreshment and follow up activity - Others will be assigned by Assistant Director /Director
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