Hour KimtheangProject Manager at Urban Architecture Co., Ltd ភ្នំពេញ, ខណ្ឌពោធិ៍សែនជ័យ
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▪ Technical and Operational Management in Urban Architecture Co.,Ltd, O.T.C Construction Co.,Ltd, Camatec Engineering and Construction Co.,Ltd, Cheung Sheng Development Co.,Ltd, Huawei Technology (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd, Grand Phnom Penh International City ...etc. ▪ Supervision of preparation of tender document ▪ TechnicalConsultancy ▪ Project/Construction Management ▪ SiteManagement ▪ Preparation of administrative documents ▪ Expenditure preparation
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Project Management
Project Manager Urban Architecture Co., Ltd.
Phnom Penh · August 2018 - Present ❖ Manage construction project managements: - Prepare and timely coordinate on interrelation and workflow between departments of the company. - Supervise assigned Site coordinators, Site Engineers, Team leaders and follow up progress of their related projects. - Oversee operations of various projects such as Phnom Penh Precast Plaint, Legend Cinema Project. - Assign site engineer, site coordinators and related managements personnel to various projects. - Coordinate with project owners/clients on technical and related issues that might arise at sites and conduct problem solving accordingly. - Oversee the project schedule preparation. - Monitor manpower required by various projects. - Monitor operational cost against submitted quotation to the clients. - Monitor the preparation of the contract between the company and the subcon and related partners. Monitor scope of projects and the actual work implemented at site. Arrange manpower for repair work of the complete projects if any.
Project Manager OTC COnstruction Co.,Ltd
Phnom Penh · May 2016 - August 2018
Project Manager Camatec Engineering and Construction Co.,Ltd
Phnom Penh · May 2015 - May 2016
Project Manager Cheung Sheng Development Co.,Ltd
Phnom Penh · April 2014 - May 2015
Project Manager Huawei Technology Co.,Ltd
Phnom Penh · November 2008 - April 2014
Civil Engineer Grand Phnom Penh International City Co., Ltd.
Phnom Penh · May 2007 - May 2008
Engineering ~Bachelor Degree Institue of Technology of Cambodia
Phnom Penh · February 1999 - February 2002
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