Phong KimVannakGeneral Manager at YHL Beverages Company Limited,Phnom Penh, Mean Chey
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*Overall Duty Cooperation Operation: - New Business Operation and Set up plan, - Established sales operation chart policy and job assigned for responsibilities, and exclusive distribution branch plan, and forecast sales for trimester, semester, yearly, - Developing and conduction for sale technical strategies and sale result/performance for achievement, - Approval proposal planning for increase sales volume, - New products developed planning for implement/control and Sales plan, - Listening all information on the overall market situation for analyzing, - Marketing Budget plan for Monthly, Semester and Yearly, - Assigned job responsible by each people for department head, - Check and Control, Approval all daily accountant and finance working flow, - Manage/Organize/Approval all company activities related with law following government rules, - Cross check and idea for sub distributor contract and approval,
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General Manager YHL Beverages Company Limted.
Phnom Penh City and Siem Reap Province, · June 2019 - Present Overall Deputy Overlook As: 1/. Sales and Marketing Department, (Overlook) 2/. Account and Finance Department, (Overlook) 3/. Administration and Human Resource Department, (Overlook) 4/. Dispatcher and Logistic, (Overlook) 5/. Warehouse and Stock Keeper, (Overlook), 6/. Other deputy internal and external,
Bussiness of Management, ~Master Degree NIB - National Institute of Business
Phnom Penh, Cambodia · September 2003 - June 2007
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