Vicheth SorHead of MarketingPhnom Penh, Chamkar Mon
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Education: Master Degree from Singapore (Culture Relation), BBA from PUC (Media Communication and Arts), Associate Degree from South Korea and USA (Business Admin and IT). Working Experience: Real Estate, F&B, Automotive, Machinery, Academic Field, IT, Advertisement, and Business Consultant.
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Head of Marketing (under Royal Group) Northbridge Communities Cambodia
Phnom Penh · August 2018 - November 2020 Northbridge Communities Company relevant to Real Estate including NBC Apartment &, Villa Leasing, North Park Condominium, F&B, and Academic Field at Southbridge International School Cambodia and Northbridge International School. Main Duty: -Observed and seeking the opportunity of new business and developing inside business more for Northbridge Communities. -Build brand awareness of the school and seeking business collaboration (other company / shop / NGO) as meet to our target. -Implement marketing strategies to maximize the opportunities and increase company revenues target. -Initiate, plan & conduct marketing to improve business results either on Real Estate (North Park Condo), Northbridge F & B (FMCG), Northbridge Communities, and Southbridge International School Cambodia. -Organize promotional presentations and maintain marketing calendar. -Communicating and deal with the agent and supplier in order to get the good deal, meet high quality, and standardize. -Monitoring and tracking sales and marketing activity in order to do the right marketing. -Training Sales team of North Park Condominium (CRM, strategy, and tactical of sales) -Lead marketing team to improve product’s brand awareness by tracking the market’s trend. -Involve with marketing intelligent (survey analysis and trading promotion) -Implement all ATL and BTL in order to promote brand in the market and push sales volume through any activity. -Organizing event/fair -Annual Plan and Budgeting planning -Initiative concept of TVC (storyline, storyboard) and FB/Online activity -Check and balance of quality on supplier and agency whenever there is pitching. -Writing proposal of Business Partnership (domestic and external cross marketing) -Working closely to CEO in order to update on the market trend and activity. -Facilitate of all school marketing activity in order to make it brand and well- known -Tracking of all results from any previous activity (promotions/press release) that relevant to online market.
Head of Marketing Group HGB Group Co., Ltd.
Phnom Penh · January 2017 - August 2018 -Acting General Manager for Hino while there is no GM at Hino Truck (construction department). -Overseeing on partnership either local or global supplier on marketing Activity with any brand as such as in automotive segmentation: Bentley, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen, Volvo, Mazda, Kia, and for construction team as Hino Truck. For Bike department: Kawasaki and Harley-Davidson. Yet for F & B department (FMCG) : Little Hot Pot I & II, Ajisen Ramen I & II, Haagen-Dazs Ice cream, and Haitia (Cracker and Honey Butter Chip). -Planning for marketing activity and supporting sales strategy -Training staff as well as Marketing and Sales group, and HR Team in order to know well on the public policy and market trend and sales situation. -Check and balance on digital marketing team and web developer. -Supporting, planning, and schedule tracking on every event for all brands in group. -Consulting to all GMs in each brands to develop a new concept and make it happen. -Supporting to Marketing Intelligent as such as researching and survey on the new market for new brand coming and competitor’s activity. -Submitting proposal to Chairman for any activity in company. -Working closely to Chairman, CEO, and MD in order to find the solution for internal process and SOP. -Innovating a new system as well as CRM&CRO in order to improve Microsoft Dynamic well. Yet creating new concept for sending info or promotion to the customer via FB, Website, Twitter, Instagram, and creating company SMS system in order to keep security for long term. -Selecting long term agency (local and global) for any events and advertising (ATL&BTL) which inform them for pitching. -Supporting on the storyline of shooting video and still-shooting. -Auditing all facilities inside all showrooms and so on.
Head of Marketing Kong Nuon Group
Phnom Penh · May 2016 - November 2017 -Business Development (Improve business network and finding new product for KNG Company) as like as helping to import one brand from India which call Laser Land Levelling into Cambodia’s market successfully in business. -Work closely with the bank for B2B on loan/leasing of agriculture sector, industry, and construction machinery. -Seeking partnership with Business Innovation Fund from NGO project to support on Agriculture as well as Marketing Materials, Marketing Activity, Event, and Advertising to spread out the product and induce sales volume, demonstration, Media Campaigns (TVC, Sport, Radio, Online Ad, and Application). In a sense, I got 60,000 USD for one year contract supported by Australian Project on Laser Land Levelling attachment marketing activity. -Prepare training to the staffs on Agricultural Sales Team (Yanmar). -Media Planning (Radio, TV, Billboard, Print Ad, Online Ad) and Analysis. -Prepare proposal to CEO and Director -Planning on Strategic Marketing & Sales on Agriculture and Industrial (Toyota Forklift). -Research & Survey Analysis on the market demand and problem solving. - Planning advertising on Hitachi Excavator, Yanmar, Toyota Forklift. -TVC producer on IRC and Yanmar. -Event Organizer on Agriculture and Construction as well as Mobile Service, Demonstration, Road Show, Visiting Customer, Expo, Seminar, and Press Conference. -International Training Coordinator (YJP-Yanmar Japan) -Translator & Interpreter -Keeping report to CEO & Director -Making Sales Talk Consultant system and script for Sales Team -Problem solving on Market demand -Surfing all networks on organization and any Agricultural Cooperative and association to deal with KNG on agriculture machinery division. -Conducting in Project or Fleet Sales on Agriculture -Writing proposal and conducting in Social Affair on IRC tire -Writing Sport Script for Yanmar Machinery and Eni Lubricant
Part Time Volunteer Crisis Relief Singapore (Singapore)
Singapore · January 2014 - January 2015 Main Duty: From my arrival till end of my Master Degree End by 2015, I had many opportunities to prepare team registration, organized/prepared the logistic, and also trip closing documents. Some trips during this period are: Bandung, Indonesia 27-31 August 2014 Sri Lanka 25 Oct-1 Nov 2014 Yangon, Myanmar 19-23 Mar 2015 General Santos 23-27 Apr 2015 Nepal Earthquake Relief Ongoing since 1 May 2015
Managing Director VIP Marketing Agency
Phnom Penh · January 2012 - January 2013 Self-employed
Sales and Marketing Manager AMS Agency Company
Phnom Penh · February 2010 - January 2012 Main Duty: -Plan on marketing, strategized/organized on the event/media, and production for Rosso -Underwear Company, Double A, Kia & Mazda Auto, Jotun Paint; Mekong Bank, Russia Hospital, Jefi, Allian Phama, Toyota Auto, CMK bank, Beeline Tele, and so on. -Manage Account Executive service and the other team to organize well in the company. -Direct info and plan to the Managing Director -Compile every client needs and put in discuss with the MD -Prepare pitching and presenting to the clients. -Consulting to clients in order to run well its business. -Research and analysis on the data related to the company and our clients. -Inventory of the company’s income and outcome. -Set the master plan for the company to assist the target. -Check every working in progress of the Account Executive in order to spread on the market space. -Update every programs and strategies for the company. -Check the production and creative team which involve with some of the clients. -Direct to the wholesaler or owner of the company in order to have a commitment between business to business (B to B). -Coordinate the issue when the client complains or something happened. -Event coordinator/organizer and Public Relation Operator. -Assess the cost to the target of the company and for the client expense. -Planning or propose the budget on media spending to the client. -Creative Ideas on Social Media and TVC sport.
Internship - Media Planner and Analysis Riverorchid Agency
Phnom Penh · May 2009 - September 2009 Briefing the target for the client and planning the event and/or advertising on TV/Radio, and analyze our competitor review as a media spending and campaign.
Cross Culture Relationship~Master Degree DTC Singapore
Singapore · October 2014 - September 2016 Master Degree of Cross Culture Relationship
Business Communication ~Bachelor Degree Pannhasatra University of Cambodia
Phnom Penh · January 2010 - January 2011 Majoring in Media Art and Communication
Business Administration and Information Science~Associate Degree Northwestern Polytechnic University, South Korea & USA
South Korea · January 2006 - January 2008 Associate Degree of Business Administration and Information Science, Northwestern Polytechnic University, South Korea & USA.
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Leadership and Coordinator Crisis Relief Singapore
Singapore · January 2013
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