Seang Sovannary HR & Admin Manager at SEOGWOO CONSTRUCTION (CAMBODIA) CO., LTDPhnom Penh, Chamkar Mon
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now I’m working at Seogwoo Construction (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd as Admin and HR Manager that responsible in office internal and external regulation and related with government regulation and training to staff and import and Export and I used to work at Khmer Broking Solution as assistant training manage that responsible on trading on commodity exchange and stock exchange related with the securities exchange commission of Cambodia (SECC) and before I worked at Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd. As Document Officer and Purchase Request Coordinator and Administrative that responsible all the work in the project and other company for more than 5 years.
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Administrative and Human Resource Manager Seogwoo Construction (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Phnom Penh · March 2014 - Present -Receive the contract approval from QS M&E department -Prepare contract as sample -Circulate the contract with BOM -Check advance bond -Check the advance payment for subcontractor -Bring payment request to account transfer to sub-con -Make contract for staff and recruiting the staff and make interview -Store contract file -Check bond -Compare amount on the bond and required by contract -Check condition of bond focusing high and low responsibility -Updated on the software kind of bond, Project , Principal bank , amount period -Check the contract condition and prepare advance -Circulate with the related person and BOM for approval -Monthly work done document include : approved payment request , liquidation , warranty of bond invoice, Check bond retention amount , accumulated amount , the final amount , warranty amount . -Compare the amount of invoice name and address of the company, context of invoice, -Check information of the receiver -Update liquidation amount, liquidation and period of warranty to project following file -General affair: collect of information of company, legal issue , procedure , report -Collect information of land -Set up relationship with supplier -Follow up of fixed asset control -Water, Coffee , tea -Notarization, telephone , internet connection -Car, hotel booking -Mobile phone card, SIM -Import and Export material from oversea -Recruitment and Interview -Making policy for the company -Prepare job announcement -Prepare job description for each position -Prepare payroll and overtime -Prepare KPI for each staff -Training and evaluation in each year
Assistant Manager and Marketing Manager THLL Logistic Service
Phnom Penh · November 2012 - December 2013 Responsible in planning and implementing in marketing project that create and promote content that engage with existing and potential customer. That include blog spot , news letter , social media . Launch product that working closely with product management design and PR , oversee the marketing strategy and event management , prepare budget for the project , and general affair in the company .
Personal Assistant to CEO HLH Agriculture Co.Ltd
Phnom Penh · January 2012 - August 2012 • Data collection from each target family (IDP I & II) in target areas based on agreed tools using • Facilitate/participate to conduct baseline needs assessments and situation analysis • Work closely with local communities to identify appropriate clients and stakeholders in the Agriculture sector of small households for promoting aquaculture products • Facilitate to select Farmer Promoters and train to become key promoters within target areas • Implement field-based technical assistance, trainings (farmer promoters to become extensionists and target project participants), and other activities as required • Facilitate the setting up and day-to-day running of a farmer based extension system • Providing technical assistance in fisheries/aquaculture management and practices to partners, clients and beneficiaries • Working to increase the capacity and effectiveness of fishery extensionists and aquaculture farmers • Providing regular weekly technical assistance visits to partners and clients and providing recommendations and monitoring progress • Entering brief update of client visits, trainings and other activities into the M&E form on a weekly basis • Ensure that field fish raising based monitoring is in place • In coordination with Plan International to deliver training topics to the farmer promoters and selected beneficiaries, in collaboration with provincial rural department, for provision of package supports to those who are already trained • Raising awareness through local events on important of fish raisings for generate income and supporting to crop growing • Work closely with Home Gardening and livestock and Village Health Support Group (VHSG) as well as awareness raisings on Nutrition of children under five, women of reproductive age, pregnant women and lactating women • Coordinate with project team to raise awareness related to basic health care-sanitation and hygiene
Assistant Training Manager Khmer Broking Solution Co., Ltd
Phnom Penh · June 2010 - December 2011 Responsible introduce client how to trade how to check the price everyday and organizing talk show/ seminar in education sector , financial institutes, stock. Manufacture sectors , and management firm , Making the database of the potential client, Banker Businessman , industrial , Making inactive member in to active member , conducting awareness Program in and outside valley if need , help to build the goodwill of the company , uplift the trade by motivating the member , organizing training for member in the once in the month, Prepare doc and addressing their problem , organizing the training program for client and logistic support, weekly report , make project plan , set budget for annually, contact with government , authorities in local and other embassy , monitoring health care medical center , join party when boss absence, reply all mail of the boss , Travel arrangement ,
Secretary Admin and Purchase Request Coordinator Huawei Technologies Cambodia Co.,Ltd.
Phnom Penh · November 2008 - May 2010 Responsible for the overall of purchasing in all project management and other contract of the company prepare monthly report make bidding and all expense in the project . Control all expense and support project with all purchasing and office supply and submit document to customer make official letter . handle all work in the project control budget for site engineer and make expense claim for site engineer . Making all memo that assign by supervisor . prepare overtime for the driver and check all the condition of the car make a contract with the car company control gasoline in the project use prepare salary for the driver . Coordinate and solve the problem for the project .
Admin and Secretary Anco Brother Co ., Ltd
Phnom Penh · March 2008 - October 2008 Responsibility for all admin dept such as : ensure all employees and Managers follow the Company flow chart for all area of work and application ,attend to the Ministry of Labor when there is an enquiry or meeting with the Ministry and negotiate with the customer . Making a contract and distribute of goods and service of the Company . Representative for the Company when have meeting . Ensure all equipment is an excellent condition , ensure security Dept, carry out their work with professionalism, checking all attendant of staff .
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