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IT supports HTN network
Phnom Penh · December 2019 - Present 2019-Present            : IT support Officer at HTN Networks  √   Monitoring Inbound/Outbound of network traffic. √  On site and remote support to customer mainly relate to internet issue. √  Configure Firewall, Router, Switch and wireless access point, qos. √    Explaining company services to client, collecting feedbacks. √  Troubleshoot network connection customer end such cable and configuration  √  Work closely with engineer team to maintain and facilitate customer in good service. √  Diagnosing and figuring out software/hardware Faults-Work closely with leader  √  Survey cable before team install to running the cable for customer  √  Support customer Investigate, and troubleshoot network relate with issue √   Support customer relate with internet issue via phone and social media  √    Make report monthly for leader team.
IT supports CCTI Asia Co., Ltd.
Phnom Penh · March 2017 - Present - Windows server 2012 r2 - Access control install and connect - Fire alarm installation and connect - Camera configuration and installation control - network infrastructure
Cambodian Mekong University ~Bachelor Degree Qoosi (Cambodia) Co., Ltd
Phnom Penh · August 2016 - Present
Cambodian Mekong University ~Bachelor Degree Qoosi (Cambodia) Co., Ltd
Phnom Penh · March 2016 - Present
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