Chanraksmey Oum CEO & Co-Founder at Qoosi (Cambodia) Co., LtdPhnom Penh, Chamka Mon
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- Develop the new strategies to enhance its current market and explore new - market opportunity for continued growth as well as for its sustainability.
Skill & Language
Business development
Sales Leadership
Channel Marketing
Business management
Founder Qoosi (Cambodia) Co., Ltd
Phnom Penh · November 2019 - Present Management
Business Development - Assistant Manager Amberea Consultant C., Ltd
Phnom Penh · October 2017 - Present - Manage, recruit, train, coach sale teams include sales agents to set up and hold daily group and direct sales meetings and territory management. - Develop marketing strategy for hydrologic with its comprehensive plan for promotional content to be posted on Social Media (primarily Facebook), also using paid advertisements and its good solar website, placement of advertisements (rural billboards and banners, print media)
Marketing Management & Research~Master Degree NUM
Phnom Penh · October 2016 - October 2018 Marketing Research, Industry Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Product Management
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