Project Director Orkide Villa Co., Ltd
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Project Director is responsible for overseeing workers in various departments who are assigned certain tasks to complete for a given project. Project Director will involve creating schedules and following up with workers to ensure that each phase of a project proceeds as planned. 
Project Director will directly report to Chief Operation Officer and working as assigned from Chief Operation Officer too.
  1. Provide support to Project General Managers (PGM) of all projects to prepare project work plan, master schedule with timeframe and costs, risks, and mitigation measures. 
  2. Provide support and inputs to the PGMs in the implementation of all projects including construction activities,performance management of construction contractors, management contractors, labor contractors, project/building technical and safety compliances, cost saving proposals, assessments of project outlooks and investment opportunities. 
  3. Work with PGMs, Finance and Accounting Department and Finance Advisor to prepare cash flow plan for all projects and prepare required documents for bank loans if needed. 
  4. 4. Provide inputs and participate in tenders/biddings, contract negotiations with international construction and management contractors and investors in close cooperation with the Legal, Contract and Documentation Department. 
  5. Oversee the design works of the Technical Design team and outsourced designs, ensure their technical and budget compliance and propose changes as required. 
  6. Conduct feasibility studies and design works of new projects as tasked by COO. 
  7. Review project designs or plans to determine time frame, budget limitations, procedures for accomplishing the projects, staffing requirements, and allocation of available resources to various phases of each project. 
  8. Review reports prepared by PGMs prior to submission to COO.
  9. In cooperation with the Sales, Marketing, Business Development Director, initiate and commission studies/research aiming to assess opportunities for new investments, new projects or to set new strategies to ensure that projects comply with market and client’s preferences and trends that will lead to increased business targets and profits. 
  10. Establish strong working relationships with construction teams, contractors, consultants, and external stakeholders. 
  11. Chair meetings on all project related matters with PGMs and other key Managers of each project. 
  12. Review existing procedures and standards for all documents and works related to project management and develop new ones if needed.
  13. Resolve design/construction problems in coordination with PGMs, Technical Design Team and third parties. 
  14. Participate in and recommend key personnel selection for project implementation. 
  15. Be a resource person for in-house training courses and workshops for the Company staff. 
  16. Provide inputs in setting targets for Key Result Areas (KRA) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for all projects and the Company as a whole. 
  17.  Perform other work-related tasks as assigned by Chief Operation Officer.
Education/ Experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management, or a related field (Master’s degree is preferred). 
  • At least 10 years of experience with real estate companies or with sizable construction organizations and at least 8 years of senior management experience
  • Familiarity with contemporary construction technologies 
  • Experience in managing a wide variety of product portfolio from low to high rise buildings and from residential to commercial including hotel complex
Knowledge / Skills / Abilities
  • In-depth knowledge of site development and construction techniques, permitting and inspection
  • Advanced knowledge of building products, construction details and relevant rules, regulations, and quality standards 
  • Ability to analyze and interpret technical reports, materials, etc. 
  • Ability to develop/analyze budget and cost to keep the Project into fixed parameters - Demonstrate ability to manage complex construction projects within established timeframes and on budget 
  • Advanced skills in construction safety, contract management, engineering estimating/costing, scheduling, planning and execution
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and coordination of work crews concurrently 
  • Strong analytical skills, strong business, commercial and acumen
  • Very good communication in both written and oral English  
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