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05/25/2021 05:17:46
Job Description 
  1. Complete the company monthly account processing accurately and timely, complete the company transactions on time, and be responsible for the company taxation work; 
  2. Review of the payment application, preparation of payment voucher, and monthly reports; 
  3. Check and Approval of all the sales contracts of project, and the project completion cost; 
  4. Prepare financial management analysis, and relavent management report 
  1. Age under 35 years old; 
  2. bachelor degree or above, major in finance, accounting, etc., ACCA is a plus. 
  3. At least 2 years and above experience in financial development of real estate development enterprises, familiar with real estate fund management, taxation Planning and financing work processes; 
  4. Familiar with relevant financial software, familiar with national financial laws and regulations and tax policies; 
  5. Strong work initiative and strong communication and coordination skills; 
  6. Have complete project financial management experience and have certain management capabilities; 
  7. with good professional quality and professionalism, can be cultivated;
4 - 6 years
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07/31/2021 12:01:00
Full Time
Phnom Penh, Tuol Kork
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