Digital Services AssistantAprati Foods (Cambodia) Ltd
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04/01/2021 05:49:31
Job Requirements
  • Bachelor’s Degree in computer science/IT or comparable experience 
  • Basic Level of experience (minimum 1 year of job-related experience/Internship)

Responsibilities/Major Job Outcomes
  • Company Networks, Computers and devices are secure, free from viruses, spy ware and malware. 
  • Hardware, Software, Systems and Networks Function. For example: computers, software, printers, devices, Wi-Fi, Internet, CFTV, intrusion detection, access control and telephones. IT-related systems and services are procured and provided to associates, so they can perform their work. IT-related systems are maintained in good-working order. 
  • Internal Customer Satisfaction by providing users support, coordinate, and resolve IT issues. 
  • Training is offered to associates, so that they understand how to use IT-related tools. Inputs on proper use of AFC’s digital assets are provided to community and environment for inclusion in the AFC Associates Handbook. 
  • Data Backup Plan ensures business continuity, in the event of hardware or software failure. 
  • Feedback and Communication Systems facilitate group problem solving by being available and accessible to a wide range of AFC associates.
1 - 3 years
1 candidate
04/30/2021 09:11:30
Full Time
Experience Level
Phnom Penh, Kamboul
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