Technical Coordinator (项目技术协调员)Samanea PP Company Limited
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01/19/2021 06:12:32
Job Responsibilities: 
  1. Coordinate the progress, quality and cost management of construction projects; 
  2. Participate in drawing review, bidding meeting and project meeting and supervise the implementation of related matters; 
  3. Familiar with the contract duration and project node requirements to ensure the realization of the contract duration; 
  4. Responsible for on-site construction status records, and project participation department meeting records, timely find out various problems in the entire construction process, and supervise the implementation of rectification. 
Job requirements 
  1. Civil engineering or related engineering majors, 25-45 years old; 
  2. Have more than 3 years of construction management experience in construction projects; 
  3. strong project management (control) ability; 
  4. Good at communication and coordination ability; 
  5. Good Chinese or English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills 
Working condition: 
  • Working Time: 09:00 to 17:30 pm 6 days a week, 
  • Holiday on Sunday & Public holiday (if any) 
  • Job Location: Road 4,Prey Rokar Village, Chhok Cheurneang Commune, Angsnoul District, Kandal porvice  
4 - 6 years
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04/30/2021 03:02:30
Full Time
Experience Level
កណ្ដាល, ស្រុកកណ្ដាលស្ទឹង
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