Project Manager Borey Williams Co., Ltd
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02/27/2021 04:07:23
The ideal candidate for the full-time Project Manager position should be a university graduate in the field of Civil Engineering or related field and have over 5 years of proven construction management experience at a reputable company. He or she should have a passion for leading projects, getting work done through others, have a depth of knowledge in civil engineering, and strong attention to detail. 
Areas of Influence and Control Engineering team; operations staff; warehouse staff; suppliers and vendors; and local government offices 
Job Functions: 
  1. Leading the implementation of building construction according to the project’s master plan and timetable. 
  2. Responsible for the coordination and control of the construction of the project from the design stage, through to completion and the handover of homes to clients.
  3. Create and implement workflow systems that enhance the execution and control of construction teams and tasks. 
  4. Develop, direct, and control teams of high-performance engineering staff and contractors that can complete tasks on-time and with excellence. 
  5. Plan, develop, execute, and monitor construction working schedules and timelines for the various teams involved in the project. 
  6. Coordinate the scheduling and controlling of the flow of materials, equipment, workers, and other stakeholders in and out of the project in collaboration with the Operations Manager and Engineering team. 
  7. Plan, create, and organize site reports, technical designs, and drawings for the project.
  8. Plan, execute, and maintain quality control procedures for the entire project
  9. Day to day management of operations on site, ensuring that the project is brought to a successful completion and meets the required time, budget, and quality constraints. 
  10. Conduct regular progress and planning meetings with engineering team, contractors, and workers on the site. 
  11. Keep team and workers motivated and focused 
  12. Ensure workmanship and material standards are achieved in accordance with specifications, building regulations, health and safety legislation as well as quality standards. 
  13. Ensuring site safety by making safety inspections 
  14. Other tasks assigned by COO/CEO 
Skills and Qualifications: 
  1. Highly organized, excellent planning skills, and ability to manage time and workload effectively. 
  2. Experience in successfully leading various construction teams. 
  3. Ability to get tasks done on-time and with quality through teams of staff. 
  4. Strong attention to detail. 
  5. Ability to engage and motivate others. 
  6. Excellent communication skills between a wide variety of key stakeholders.
  7. Knowledge of health and safety procedures 
  8. Problem solving 
  9. Commercial awareness
Working condition 
  • Working day: Mon - Sat (full) 
  •  Working hour: 8 am - 5 pm 
  • Insurance: NSSF
4 - 6 years
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03/31/2021 04:03:30
Full Time
Experience Level
Phnom Penh, Por Senchey
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