Purchasing ManagerPhnom Penh Land Development Co.,Ltd
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01/20/2021 03:32:08
Position Summary: 
Purchasing Manager handle all Phnom Penh Land 's procurement activities. Involving in developing purchasing strategies, maintaining positive relationships with suppliers, coordinating with all PPL’s division regarding their supply needs. 
 Duties and Main Responsibilities: 
  • Organization and prioritization of the Company's purchasing activities Comparison of different offers regarding price and value. 
  • Manage and optimize purchasing activities and processes.
  • Overseeing the purchasing team in their daily activities. 
  • Developing, leading and executing purchasing strategies and controlling costs. 
  • Tracking and reporting key functional metrics to reduce expenses and improve effectiveness to make sure the Company gets the best price in the market.
  •  Helping and training the Purchasing Team to deal with suppliers or partners in case of problems. 
  • Partnering with suppliers/vendors to ensure clear requirements documentation on Purchase Order (PO), terms and conditions, specifications and Delivery Order (DO). 
  • Forecasting price and market trends to identify changes of balance in buyer-supplier power and proposing to the Superior and/or Chief Finance Officer (CFO) for review, consideration, strategies and action plans to be taken. 
  • Performing cost and scenario analysis and benchmarking. 
  • Assessing, managing and mitigating risks on material costs, market trends and supplier volumes.
  • Seeking and partnering with reliable vendors and suppliers of construction materials for the site projects and tools and equipment for office uses.
  • Determining quantity and timing of deliveries. 
  • Monitoring and forecasting the upcoming levels of demands of materials and other goods.
  • Responsible for purchasing construction materials for the projects at the site(s), managing vendors and purchasing other tools and equipment for office uses. 
  • Performing strategic procurement activities across multiple categories of spending and searching for better deals and finding more profitable suppliers.
  • Reviewing all Purchase Request (PR), PO and getting the Quotations from different suppliers for price comparisons for Management’s review and decision before proceeding PO. 
  • Leading and managing Purchasing Team to complete daily tasks on deadline effectively and efficiently and helping the team to ensure PR is delivered by the deadline;
  • Checking daily petty cash available for small POs from difference invoice and team.
  • Preparing monthly Top Purchase Report and negotiating the prices with Suppliers; 
  • Inventory counting every end of the month by warehouse manager and audited by Purchasing Manager.
  • Joining daily and weekly meetings as required with FAD Team when necessary; • Performing other tasks as assigned by the Superior and/or CFO; 
  • Conduct weekly staff review, meeting with minute to discuss about challenging task, and taking immediate action if there is any issue. 
 Reports to be produced 
  • Weekly Report (individual tasks and Department Report) 
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Performance Report  
4 - 6 years
$2000 - $2500
1 candidate
03/31/2021 03:28:30
Full Time
Phnom Penh, Tuol Kork
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