Chief of Financial Accounting UnitWelcome Finance (Cambodia) Plc.
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I. Job and Collective Duty 
1. Create and develop policies, application forms, procedures and guideline that related to financial accounting’s affairs of WFC correctly, clearly, enough, and up to date. - Manage the process of financial planning of WFC correctly, clearly, sufficiently and punctually. 
2. Manage daily financial accounting activities of WFC. 
3. Analyze and evaluate financial results of WFC, these are: 
  • Analyze the trends and financial partiality of revenues and expenses. 
  • Compare actual implementation with the plan 
4. Prepare WFC’s financial statement correctly, clearly, sufficiently, punctually, these are: 
  • Balance sheet 
  • Income statement 
  • And other relevant reports that required by the law 
5. Provide technical support related to financial accounting affairs of WFC to all branch offices and relevant departments correctly, punctually with highly safety. 
6. Under direct management of general manager and chief of executive officer of WFC.  
II. Job and Detail Duty 
In order to process the whole financial department to reach the object with successfully, the tasks in the financial department requires applying as follow
1. Financial Accounting 
Assign, prepare and control financial statement of the WFC, these are: 
  • Balance Sheet 
  • Income Statement 
  • and the other relevant reports as requirement of manager and the competency with correctly and punctually. 
Manage daily accounting activities of the WFC to keep the implementation, preparation, and controlling with correct technicality such as: 
  • Check supporting documents for all business’s affairs 
  • Make sure that, the business affairs must be correctly recorded in accordance with chart of account 
  • Insert data into the program of computer systems 
  • keep other financial documents 
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