Director of Khmer and Chinese content Koh Thmey Technology Co,.Ltd.
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11/17/2020 03:14:59
1. Job Description: 
  1.  Proficient in Chinese and Khmer or Chinese and English. 
  2. More than 3 years work experience in information content, strong writing skills and comprehension ability, fluent writing and strong ability to transform words. 
  3. Understand the reading preferences of Cambodian local public users, excellent communication and coordination skills, independent creative thinking and strong sense of responsibility; 
  4. Have team management experience. 
2. Responsibility: 
  1. Responsible for the selection, orientation and planning of Chinese and Khmer information content of TNAOT app. 
  2. Responsible for the team management of Chinese and Khmer content team. 
  3. Analyze and summarize the reading habits and preferences of TNAOT app users. 
  4. Collect and analyze the excellent cases and data of other media operation to provide effective basis for the company's app operation strategy. 
  5. Communicate and report with senior Chinese leaders.
Working condition & benefit: 
  • Hour: 8:30-6, lunch 12-1:30 
  • Day: Mon-Sat (Saturday leave work at 5 not 6) 
  • Holliday: same as labor law 
  • Report to GM of News company 
  •  Team: News Team ក្រុមសារពត៍មាន 
  • Reason for Hiring: មិនទាន់មានពីមុនមក 
  • NSSF: Yes 
  • Annual Leave: 18days 
  • Public Holliday: Follow labor law 
  • មកធ្វើការទៀតទាត់ $30 ប្រាក់
  • Team Building $15 
  • Staff Birthday
  • Company Trip
Information Content
4 - 6 years
$3000 up
1 candidate
03/31/2021 02:37:30
Full Time
Phnom Penh, Chamkar Mon
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