Marketing ManagerKong Nuon Group
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11/23/2020 09:33:52
1.Job Description
  •  Manage, train, and supervise the valuation department team 
  • Build and maintain relationship with existing partners/clients 
  •  Develop policy and procedure for valuation department 
  •  Develop and implement marketing strategy to reach out to potential partners/clients 
  •  Define new valuation methods and approaches for valuation teams 
  •  Conduct on-going market research and analysis 
  •  Check and approve valuation reports and valuation-related documents 
  •  Develop and implement control system to prevent fraud 
  •  Manage and control valuation data 
  •  Report to CEO/Director  
2. Job Requirements
  •  Have Bachelor Degree and Master Degree is a plus 
  •  Good at Management skill 
  •  Good at English in both writing and speaking 
  •  Strong Communication Skill 
  • Honest, Intelligent, Friendly, Hardworking and Flexible 
  •  Able to use Internet and Social Medias (Email, Facebook…) 
  •  Have work experience in related skill 
How to apply: 
 Contact person: Ms.Sokunthea Soth 
 Tel: 092555499/086889977
Channel Marketing
Relationship Management
Marketing Research
Business development
4 - 6 years
1 candidate
12/23/2020 09:18:48
Full Time
Phnom Penh, Tuol Kork
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