Enterprise Application Development Engineer

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November 02

About Company

You know us best for our processors, but we do so much more. We are makers, catalysts and inventors. We innovate at the boundaries of technology to make amazing experiences possible for business, society, and every person on Earth. With more than 100,000 employees in 63 countries and customers in over 120, Intels products and services create the foundation for limitless invention. Our innovations are bringing sight, touch, depth-perception and the ability to communicate to devices, objects and spaces to make them smart and connected. We harness the capability of the cloud and the Internet of Things to disrupt industries while solving global challenges. We lead on important matters of policy, diversity, inclusion, education and sustainability.Intel has transformed to a company which now also powers the majority of the worlds data centers, connecting hundreds of millions of mobile and Internet of Things devices, and helping to secure and protect enterprise and government IT systems. Our manufacturing advantage, fueled by our pursuit of Moores Law, lets us continuously push the limits of performance and create experiences which can be made possible

Job description

IT is a group of specialized professionals providing services to Intels Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing and Corporate teams to sustain and maintain their work environments.
IT participates in resolving customer issues and identifying and implementing system administration process improvements, including automation.
At Intel we have the opportunity to transform traditional thinking and expectations about how IT supports business innovation, partnership, velocity and productivity.
In Enterprise Solution group (part of Intel IT) where this position is opened for, you will be working on developing and maintaining a custom build FuSa complaint PLC and Defect management platform.
The platform is based out of JAVA and MSSQL, widely used across all the product group, tracks collateral for the full PLC of product development at Intel.

Skill & Language
Computer science
Application development
4 - 6 years
1 candidate
December 04
Full Time
Senior Exec.
Tutong District
Intel33 jobs · Tutong District
Public Company
About Company
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