Junior Audit (Immediate start)

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September 02

Roles & Responsibilities

The fundamental role of an auditor is defined as "reporting on whether the annual accounts show 'a true and fair view' of the company's financial activity and position to its shareholders". For you, the best part is that audit is something that affects all businesses. This means you'll have the opportunity to experience business life across a variety of industries. You'll get to meet lots of interesting people and develop skills that are always in demand. Plus, you'll have access to senior business people from all kinds of different sectors.

As an Auditor at KPMG, you will be doing much more than just looking at the company's financial records. You'll be finding out as much as you can about the whole company, the way it works, its products or services, its technology, its competitors and the industry in which it operates.

You will be likely to perform the following tasks during your first year:

  • Confirming that the company's record of its cash balances agrees with the bank.
  • Sending out requests to customers in order to a certain that trade receivables exist.
  • Checking that the company owns the fixed assets that it claims it has in its accounts (e.g. buildings, machinery, computers and cars) and that these are recorded at the correct value.
  • Ensuring that the list of company suppliers is complete.
  • Helping with the review of the statutory accounts.
  • Attending a stock-take to observe the company's methods for recording stock and test-counting a sample.

Skills & Qualifications

We are looking for students who have or will soon hold a university degree in Commercial Engineering, a major in accountancy is a plus, Commercial Sciences or (Applied) Economic Sciences. But while we believe academic qualifications are an important pointer as to how you might succeed at our firm, these are far from being the only thing you'll be assessed on.

There are several other capabilities we believe you'll need to demonstrate while you're with KPMG. These are:

  • Interest in the banking/insurance & industry sector
  • Client-centricity
  • Teamwork
  • Professional judgment
  • Quality of work
  • Planning and organizing skills
  • Stress resistance
Skill & Language
1 - 3 years
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October 06
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