Special machine operator

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September 04

Main tasks, works:

  • Operation, supervision, maintenance, management of HFIC (Hydrogen Fluoride Ion Cleaning) technology
  • He supervises and manages the cleaning process, together with the shift manager, keeping in mind the goals and priorities set at the start of the shift.
  • Appropriate selection of heat treatment / cleaning programs, signaling the need for replacement to the engineering in case of their absence.
  • Complete management of heat treatment / cleaning documentation such as diagrams and QPs (Quality Plan)
  • Monitoring documentation, participating in changes
  • Daily contact with the production planners and shift managers of the production areas
  • Registration of direct materials in the field (sets, parts)
  • Professional handling, unpacking and packing of products
  • Actively participates in daily inspections (daily preventive machine maintenance management, hoist log)
  • Perform regular maintenance and cleaning tasks and then document them in the system
  • In the event of a machine failure, carry out troubleshooting and repair work after the fault has been identified and trained.
  • Participates in and supports renovations and repairs performed by the maintenance department.
  • It supports LEAN developments in the field and provides process development ideas
  • Participates in technical trainings related to the job

Job expectations:

  • skilled worker certificate, vocational high school, technical background
  • Proficiency in installation and maintenance work
Skill & Language
4 - 6 years
1 candidate
October 06
Full Time
Senior Level
Budapest, Central Hungary
GE7 jobs · Budapest, Central Hungary
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