Deburring locksmith

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September 04

Main tasks, works:

  • If necessary, is able to read tabular and graphical data, can perform basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squaring, radical subtraction) using a calculator or spreadsheets,
  • Able to convert between Anglo-Saxon and European units of measure using tables, formulas,
  • Interpret and comply with the requirements of the manufacturing operating instructions, drawings and plans, as well as the dimensions and tolerances contained therein,
  • After training, he is able to use and operate the devices and equipment required for the production / repair technology according to the prescribed instructions / drawings,
  • Prepares and performs the necessary locksmithing and disassembly and assembly activities (deburring, grinding, engraving, marking, unmasking and masking, assembly, measurement, honeycomb soldering resistance welding, tooth roller and other manual machine handling, NDT testing, cleaning, eye protection preparation for receipt) and document them and take responsibility for the accuracy of the data recorded by it,
  • Performs operator maintenance and inspection of the equipment,
  • It is able to use the lifting device necessary for the work as intended, if it has the necessary permits.
  • Able to use the necessary measuring instruments, monitor their authenticity,
  • Keeps your work area clean and your tools tidy,
  • Active participation in Productivity / Productivity Actions, Action Work Outs in your field
  • Complies with EHS rules, warns of violators

Job expectations:

  • Industrial skilled worker certificate or completed 8 elementary school studies and 2 years of professional experience
  • Monotony tolerance, dexterity

It is an advantage to fill the position:

  • Metal industry experience

Job, field of work (s):

  • Professional work
  • Locksmith, Machine locksmith

Experience required:

  • It requires no experience

Required qualification:

  • Primary schools

Required language skills:

  • It does not require language skills

Nature of employment:

  • Full-time
Skill & Language
Machine locksmith
4 - 6 years
1 candidate
October 06
Full Time
Senior Level
Veresegyház, Central Hungary
GE7 jobs · Budapest, Central Hungary
Public Company
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