Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Manager

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September 04


The Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Manager will lead the implementation of the CLEAN Project’s MEL plan in close collaboration with program staff, partners and USDA and ensure that its collaborative MEL process adequately reflect ongoing learning, knowledge sharing and adaptive management.


1. MEL Management:

  • Implement the project MEL plan and develop systems to track overall project activities, outputs, outcomes, and data;
  • Lead data analysis and reporting, including providing performance data for monthly, quarterly, and annual reports;
  • Lead annual beneficiary-based survey process, including design, implementation, and analysis, with technical support from Winrock’s HO;
  • Contribute to the design and lead implementation of all project learning activities working with the technical staff to adapt project interventions based on the information captured through MEL activities;
  • Oversee data quality analysis (including field visits, spot checks to assess data accuracy and backup documentation) and data management to promote evidence-based programming, interpretation and report writing of qualitative and quantitative studies
  • Provide leadership and oversight to CLEAN Project’s M&E and Programs
  • Provide technical advice around capacity building and data use to M&E team and external implementing partners;
  • Review annual and semi-annual data prior to submission to Head quarter M&E adviser for finalization;
  • Liaises with M&E Head quarter to assure technical soundness in M&E approaches and plan for capacity building needs among CLEAN Project’s staff and local partners;
  • Oversee implementation of all field work including interviews, focus groups, observation and document analysis, gathering data from a wide range of stakeholders;
  • Complete all surveys in timely manner and high quality;
  • Complete all disseminations of survey results to the programmers and related partners; and,
  • Other duties as

2. Program Management:

  • Oversee the programs timely implementation project activities, planning and coordination as per the Annual Programs Plan;
  • Development of appropriate methodologies for evaluating programs indicator, according to Winrock International MEL and Metrics methodologies;
  • Manage annual Program’s budget;
  • Management annual programs budget and keep track of Programs expenditures throughout the year;
  • Work closely with Finance team to ensure all programs expenditures are properly budgeted for and properly paid for, according to Winrock International finance rules and regulations;
  • Identify gaps in capacity of Programs staff and find relevant training programs to build that capacity;
  • Working with COP & FOD in preparing MOU & proposals for new programs;
  • Hold the quarterly programs coordination meetings to present Dev Result data (for evaluation purposes);
  • Respond to requests for programs information;
  • Advice on improvement to Google Maps/cell phone technology including its usage and distribution; and,
  • Travel for relevant trainings and

3. People Management:

  • Supervise and coordinate all activities and work of MEL & Programs staff and ensure high quality of their work and work according to their SOW or TOR;
  • Manage and ensure the high quality of work of all external consultants hired to assist on MEL and Programs works; and,
  • Working with HR on recruitment to get MEL and Programs staff and conduct annual performance appraisals of all members of MEL and Programs

4. External Advocacy:

  • Appropriately disseminate finalized MEL results amongst government and non-government partners and other interested parties;
  • Contribute MEL data for inclusion in the CLEAN Project’s newsletters and external reports;
  • Build positive relations with relevant government bodies to ensure that CLEAN Project’s activities fall in-line with, and do not duplicate, the efforts of the government and/or non-governmental partners; and,
  • Represent Winrock International, CLEAN Project MEL Team by cultivating positive relations with the Agriculture development community, government, donors, and others in

Education & Qualifications: Educational experience in quantitative and qualitative discipline (preferably in social science, economics, statistics and mathematics). Agriculture sector experience is a plus.

Experience: At least 5 years of professional experience in the field of MEL for international development projects, preferably with USDA or USAID

English Competency: Excellent English in both writing and speaking

Personal Attribute: Excellent interpersonal skills and high leadership management skills

Key knowledge and skill:

  • Prior experience using DevResults or other MIS (non-excel)
  • Excellent data analysis and data management skills.
  • Excellent communication, and organization skills are
  • Excellent computer skills (word-processing, spreadsheets, and databases) are
  • Ability to write clearly, accurately and concisely in both English and
  • Excellent Monitoring methodology
  • Excellent doing fieldworkers training
  • Able to do data entry and cleaning
  • Excellent doing data interpretation
  • Excellent Survey skills
  • Excellent coordination skills
Skill & Language
Excellent coordination
Organization Development
4 - 6 years
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October 06
Full Time
Vientiane, Vientiane Prefecture
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