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September 04


Functional Area (i.e. Sales)


 - Manage and lead the sales to achieve the target given for Ford, Jaguar Land Rover

 - Manage the team to complete key tasks such as call, visit, email or other follow up strategies

 - Plan for sales and marketing activities to increase brand awareness, loyalty and generate sales

 - Complete the reports of daily, weekly and monthly

 - Monitor the sales and trend to react with effective campaign, promotion or activities

 - Manage the sales and marketing expenses within the budget given, but need approval from Sales and Operations Manager based in Vientiane.


Customer handling

 - Ensure high satisfaction and customer loyalty.

 - Staff satisfaction, staff development and staff motivation.

 - Achieve a high level of sales and market share.

 - Ensure a high level of workshop performance with utilization of capacity, productivity, efficiency and quality of work (Fix It Right First Time).

 - Utilization and maintenance of the Service Upgrade processes.

 - Have an efficient Parts inventory management system.

 - Have efficient Parts ordering and supply system.

 - Achieve high level of fleet engagements and contracts.


 - Maintain a high level of dealer service reputation in the market area.

 - Achieve a high level of business results and profits.

 - Meet all safety, environment and legal requirements.

 - Meet all franchise policy, service and parts requirements.

 - Ensure adherence to the appropriate employment awards.

 - Labor and parts sales performance  

 - Meet Service KPIs

 - Operating and quality performance

 - Customer care and car return process

 - Weekly issue of the measurement system

 - Service profit

 - Warranty claims


 - Meet all customer wants and promises made.

 - Constantly review market developments and competition.

 - Offer competitive terms to all customers.

 - Ensure a high quality of work, review quality of work and take improvement actions.

 - Develop and implement marketing programs to increase business.

 - Ensure a friendly customer handling process.

 - Enable staff to operate a customer friendly “customer complaint system”.

 - Control and continually improve customer satisfaction levels.

 - Review market achievements.

 - Ensure a clean, friendly and modern service area.

 - Control stock Management

 - Ensure frequently monitor the aged inventory and carryout effective stock clearance strategy.

 - Ensure staff are dressed in company uniform, are friendly, professional and Behave in a positive “can do” manner.

 - Develop, operate and review business plans and objectives by –

 - Market share and revenue objectives

 - Budgets including expense control

 - Ensure Duty Statements are current and meaningful.

 - Delegate authority where appropriate.

 - Conduct Staff Reviews.

 - Review and improve performance of staff and assist where necessary.

 - Discipline staff where considered necessary.

 - Hire, replace and develop staff.

 - Ensure good working conditions for staff in consultation with Dealer Principal/Managing Director.

 - Develop a team environment in the parts and service departments.

 - Develop a good relationship with all departments and branches and support synergy effects between departments and branches.

 - Constantly look for ways to improve the business.

 - Reward staff for high levels of performance.

 - Operate a staff suggestion scheme.

 - Ensure a high level of productivity, efficiency and quality of work in parts and service.

 - Maintain control and maintenance of equipment in the departments.

 - Ensure that franchise requirements (franchise agreement, warranty, facility, equipment, Landed cost amendment etc.) are met.

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October 06
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Vientiane, Vientiane Prefecture
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