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03/23/2021 04:16:43
Job Description: 
1. Policies:
  • Work with GM&MD to set HR policies, this include but not limit to holiday, sick leaves, time in time out, 
  • Announce all the new rules/policies to all employees.
  • Answer employees questions regarding to HR policies (Holiday, Sick leaves, OT etc..)
  • Monitor staff’s attendance, performance using guideline and key indicators set by management 
  • Determine reward base on key indicators set
  • Participating in recruitment efforts, do the first round of interview for candidates 
  • Create criteria needed for each department staffs to ease the determination of qualified candidates for second rounds 
  • Prepare employees file, record and background check 
  • Orienting new employees to the organization, set up telephone number, name cards and all equipment’s needed for staffs 
  • Completing termination paperwork, assist with exit interviews 
  • Preparing attendance report very end of the month
  • Processing payrolls and be the point of contact for employees payroll issue
  • Be the platform for staffs to process all the claims, benefits, invoices for payment etc. 
4. Maintenance/daily task: 
  • Visit, monitor all the employee to ensure nobody slacks off, work with operation manager to oversee all warehouse, shops and sales team are doing their job properly, assist them when needed. 
  • Update and maintain employees benefit, reward and employment status up to date. -Consult employees when needed, be the point of contact for employee’s customer service.
  • Fortnightly meeting, find new topic to motivate and encourage employees to perform at their best, train employee’s soft skill through videos, meetings, seminar etc.
  • Research and Offer team bonding sessions,
  • Staffs performance evaluation, peer review, come up with criteria to determine good vs bad (KPI for staffs that are not monitary base)
  • Prepare award to encourage staffs(quarterly, every 6 months, every year?) 
Quality needed:
  • HONEST, common good mindset is a must
  • At least 4 year experiences in the field of HR 
  • Able to work as a team not individual gain but lose as a whole
  • Responsible attitude 
  • Motivating, positive, optimistic mindset
  • Patient, issues always happen and will not end by just ignoring it, therfore need to solve immediately 
  • Soft skill in motivating people is a must 
  • Patient yet strict with employees
  • Organization skill is a must, achieve work according to the deadline given regardless 
Working condition: 
  • Working day: Mon - Sat (full) from 7:30 am - 5 pm (break 1.5h) 
  • Public holiday: Follow government 
4 - 6 years
$1000 - $1500
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04/23/2021 03:53:13
Full Time
Experience Level
Phnom Penh, Mean Chey
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