Safety supervisor 2 positions Qoosi (Cambodia) Co., Ltd
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03/05/2021 06:44:51
  • Provide support to the project by maintaining a visible presence to the field performing site visits to the entire project at least once per shift, if possible coordinate with the project manager. 
  • assist in the coaching, mentoring and implementation of the HS&E programs in the field. 
  • Supervises day-to-day activities within a particular construction workplace 
  • Ensures that workers make use of necessary protective equipment like helmets, hand gloves, welding shades etc., where and when necessary Investigates accidents and tackle their causes 
  • Takes note of workers’ safety concerns and immediately acts on them Arranges training programs on safety measures within the workplace 
  • Develops plans for emergency procedures with the consent of the manager(s) of the workplace 
  • Receives and acts on reports regarding safety concerns from workers within the construction site/workplace 
  • Serves as a link between workers and top management when it comes to issues that have to do with the safety and proper organization of the workplace Introduces measures that will help curb accidents within the workplace.source to all site managers, supervisors, foremen and safety advisors.
  • Minimum 2 year Health and Safety field experience 
  • Proficient in Microsoft office applications 
  • The ability to demonstrate the application of risk assessment to company operations and activities. 
  • Good physical condition
  • Must have excellent communication skills on all fronts 
  • Must be someone that pays keen attention to details at all times 
  • Good organizational abilities 
  • Be able and willing to coordinate the activities of other workers in safety-related matters Must be someone that has good interpersonal skills 
  • Must be proactive and diligent in carrying out your duties 
  • Must never delay in acting towards any hazardous situation 
  • Possession of excellent leadership skills is a must
1 - 3 years
$500 - $1300
2 candidates
04/05/2021 06:16:25
Full Time
Senior Level
Phnom Penh, Mean Chey
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