Supply Chain Manager

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Aprati Foods (Cambodia) Ltd
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April 02

Job Responsibility 

  • Lead, manage, develop competencies/skillsets/leadership of subordinates and supply chain teams
  • Receive sales orders and requests for production line and use that information to create production plans 
  • Negotiate and communicate with local and international suppliers, including raw materials suppliers 
  • Search for alternative suppliers that can provide superior performance: safety, legality, integrity, quality and/or value 
  • Purchase goods and services, following company principles, policies and procedures; prepare paperwork and coordinate with Accounting Department for payment 
  • Ensure that raw materials are available for production
  • Monitor and analyze supplier performance, recommending next actions 
  • Schedule freight transportation and arrange shipping documents for customs clearance 
  • Import & Export/ shipping document checking and confirming with forwarder/shipper
  •  Check with various transportation companies to get shipping quotes and deciding on the best carriers based on cost, availability, reliability, and compliance with company value and policy
  • Manage and control inventory of raw materials, finished goods and various supplies 
  • Maintain Warehouse & Inventory: analyzing product orders to research the need for keeping certain items in stock and re-ordering product as needed to maintain sufficient inventory levels 
  • Maintain high ethical and legal standards, including anti-bribery, anti-corruption and avoiding personal conflicts of interest
  • Train the subordinates’ skills relevant to their jobs
  • Resolve all kinds of disputes caused by transportation, logistic system, and import-export and custom issues 
  • Prepare monthly and yearly budget planning and other report of supply chain
  • Manages expenditures budget, analyzes and negotiates costs to find savings while maintaining acceptable standards
Job Requirements 
  • Level of job-related experienced (minimum 4 years of job- related experience) 
  •  Level of education bachelor's Degree at least 
  • Computer skills be able to use outlook email, Microsoft Team Kiazala and intermediate level of Microsoft word, excel and power point 
  • English lever required (2+) Reading & Writing, (2) Speaking & (1) Listening
Job Preference 
  • Problem Solving – Identifies problems and makes them visible to others. Goes to see the source or site of the problem. Uses logic and root cause analysis to find the deeper cause of the symptoms. Collaborates with others and is open to different and unusual perspectives. Investigates and asks questions. Able to design and finish experiments. Expresses some patience with the trial-and-error process. Uses the results of experiments to plan and implement solutions. 
  • Supervisory Skills – Able to delegate work, set clear direction and manage workflow. Can use a range of supervisory styles from frequent and specific direction to occasional and general direction, depending on what is appropriate for the situation. Ideally, able to appropriately control the situation without directly controlling associates. Coaches and develops others; able to train staff and develop subordinates’ skills. Encourages others to learn and grow. Able to foster teamwork among staff members. Manages interpersonal conflicts to move forward and make progress. 
  • Analysis – Approaches questions and concerns using a logical, systematic, and sequential approach. Considers observations, quantitative and/or qualitative data. Notices inconsistencies and flaws in available information. Breaks down problems and information into component parts to consider each in detail. May compare and contrast alternatives and/or propose “if this, then that” scenarios. Able to present information, conclusions, and recommendations in an organized and compelling way, using tables, charts and graphs. 
  • Emotional Intelligence, Management and Leadership, Coaching, Time Management (GTD), Identify Problem, Mistake Proofing, Effective Problem Solving, and Decision Making, Empowerment, and Cross-functional Team Collaboration

Skill & Language
4 - 6 years
1 candidate
April 06
Full Time
Phnom Penh, Kamboul
Aprati Foods (Cambodia) LtdA Cambodia candy company with 100 years of American heritage.10 jobs · Phnom Penh, Kamboul
Privately Held
51-200 employees
About Company
History of Aprati Foods (Cambodia) LtdAprati Foods (Cambodia) Ltd is an affiliate of the candy maker American Licorice which was established over 100 years ago in the United States. Aprati Foods is the first candy factory in Cambodia to research and develop candy using American quality standards. Registered in 2013 with the Ministry of Commerce, the company constructed its the factory in 2016 in the Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone. In order to produce candy which delights consumers, Aprati has conducted a lot of research in Cambodia. In early 2017, Aprati Foods company launched its first brand, Mocati, with 3 popular flavors, Caramel, Mocha Mint, and Espresso. Mocati Coffee Candy offers an International coffee experience. Mocati brings those who love drinking coffee a more convenient way to enjoy coffee everywhere and on the go. In addition to Mocati coffee candy, Aprati also plans to develop more exiting candy products to delight Cambodian consumers.
History of American affiliate, American Licorice CompanyIn​​ 1914, American Licorice set up its plant in Chicago, USA. The company's first product was Black Licorice twists candy. Later, in 1925, American Licorice purchased Universal Licorice Co. in San Francisco and began its operation on the West Coast.American Licorice Company also has history with movies. In 1925, the company made a licorice shoe as a prop for Charlie Chaplin in his film The Gold Rush, in which his character eats shoe leather to avoid starvation.Currently, American Licorice Company owns 2 factories, one in Union City, California and another one in La Porte, Indiana. American Licorice produces 6 successful brands: Red Vines, Sour Punch, Super Ropes, Sip-n-chew, Sour Punch Punchies and Fruit Vines Bites.
CultureCulture diversity, clean (anti-corruption and food safety), accessibility and high value.
Self-imageIn-the-know, in the bigger world, status breaking, energized/refreshed, I can have the best.
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