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Phnom Penh Land Development Co.,Ltd
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April 02

HR & Admin Manager (HRAM) enhances the organization's human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices. HRAM shall enforce management guidelines by preparing, updating, and recommending human resource policies and procedures. He/she maintain personnel records in accordance with organizational and regulatory requirements. HRAM also overseas recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of employees and contractors. He/she consults with top management (e.g. COO, CEO, CFO) on strategic workforce planning and serve as the organization’s link between management and employees. 

  • Managing, creating, implementing and supervising policies/regulations, which are mandatory for every employee and also having knowledge of appropriate functioning; 
  • Monitoring attendance and tracking leave forms a major chunk of the HR management function; 
  • Enforcing legal compliances, handling recruitment, attracting talents, hiring resources, preparing training and professional development, KPI tracking, employee evaluations and performance appraisals; 
  • Designing internal rules, regulations, policies, procedures, work flows and other provisions necessary for implementations and disciplinary practices, establishing and maintaining personnel records and reports, maintaining company organization charts and employee directory; 
  • Building datasheet, report templates and forms for HR and Administration works for his/her department, including property management for implementation and reporting to Chief Operating Officer (COO); 
  • Preparing all types of administrative letters including announcements, declarations, notifications, certifications, media and press release as directed by COO;
  • Coordinating and assisting with employee recruitment, hiring, HR orientation and training, determining employee classifications and ensuring completion of all appropriate paperwork for new employees; 
  • Joining to interview and evaluate the candidates with Head of Department (HoD), manager and supervisors of other departments and reporting to COO for review; 
  • Joining to evaluate the employees during and after probations and to conduct performance appraisals for best-performance staff, promotions and/or salary increments; 
  • Reviewing attendance, overtimes, worksheet and payroll for submitting to COO for signature and then submitting to Finance & Accounting for further actions taken; 
  • Designing job grade, job level, salary scale and conducting employee salary survey and updating for COO to review and plan for implementations; 
  • Working with the Ministry of Labor and other government organizations for legal compliance, employee registry, work permits, National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and documentations and updating about the public holidays, related notifications, announcements, declarations, regulations and/or laws from the Ministries and other government organizations concerned; 
  • Preparing Employee Handbook introducing the Company’s Rules and Regulations, Polices and Provisions to be commonly executed and answering employee questions regarding personnel policies, procedures and benefits, researching and disseminating topical or timely information to managers and/or employees on personnel issues; 
  • Supporting other departments to prepare Job Descriptions and Standard Structure Manual (SSM) and sending back to their HoD for review and finalizations; 
  • Responsible for weekly KPI tracking in the department and in other departments for productivity evaluations and performance appraisal; 
  • Organizing the Company’s events for staff parties, workshops, seminars, tour programs; 
  • Developing training and development programs by providing soft-skill training at least once a month, organizing CSR activities, internship programs and events for all staff to join and building team spirits; 
  • Building networks with job agencies for job announcements and recruitments, joining job fairs with the Ministry and other companies for company branding and collecting Candidate CVs;
  • Being disciplinary and model-player of rule and regulation, tracking disciplinary acts of all employees, applying penalty and measures taken in case of violations and breach of the Company’s Rules & Regulations (HR Policy); 
  • Preparing and proposing monthly and yearly HR Budgets, controlling and reporting operation expenses, payrolls and pay slips; 
  • Preparing and coordinating all accident reports and worker’s compensation reports; 
  • Motivating the employees to work together, support and cooperate with each other, and building the environment, which recognizes top talents and top performers; 
  • Preparing Job Descriptions, conducting Job Analysis & Evaluation to develop Pay Structures & Compensation Models; 
  • Participating in HR projects (e.g. help organize a job fair event); 
  • Performing other tasks as assigned by COO; 
 Functional Structure and Hierarchy 
  • HR & Admin, IT, Nursery, Security, Cleaning, Gardening, Facility Repair and Maintenance, Building Maintenance, Public and Community Relations and Legal Documentations. 
  • Please see more details in Sub-Structure of OPS and PPM; 
 Authorization and Competencies 
  • Arranging and leading meetings in his/her department as directed by COO and meetings for other departments when necessary; 
  • Reviewing all purchasing requests within the department including property management for submitting to COO and then to Finance & Accounting Department for further review and actions taken; 
  • Conducting exit interview, negotiating with employees when resigning, terminating or firing the employee breaking the Code of Conduct under COO’s advice and/or direction; 
  • Controlling property management staffs including cleaners, security guards, gardeners, repairs & maintenances, drivers and community relation officers; 
  • Submitting leave applications, overtime works and monthly employee attendances for COO’s approval; 
 Reports to be produced 
  • Monthly Employee Master list; 
  • Monthly Employee Attendance Report; 
  • Monthly Operation Expense Report; 
  • HR Budget and Salary Scale; 
  • Headcount Planning; Recruitment Plan and Job Agency Update; 
  • HR Events; 
  • Training and Development Programs; 
  • The Employee is strongly advised to follow the Company's Internal Rules and Regulations (HR Policy). 
  • In case of violation or breaching, the disciplinary measures will be applied as set forth by the levels of misconducts; 
  • The Employee is strongly advised to be timely and punctual, respect hierarchy, work as a team, support, cooperate and communicate; 
  • The Employee is strongly advised to give feedback and/or report about the status within appropriate timeframe when asked or assigned jobs; 
  • The performance review period is once in 3 months by COO; 
  • The work flow and communication line are duly stated in the detailed Sub-Structure of Operations Department; 
  • This Job Description is nominated for the Employee to implement effectively for the date of its signatures;

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June 04
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Phnom Penh, Tuol Kork
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