Customer Relationship Officer

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CITY Microfinance Institution PLC
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January 04

  • Respect working hour 
  • Having a meeting with Managers in order to plan to field 
  • Check and follow up with customer 
  • Daily report to Chief Credit Officer about down field 
  • Study and analyse precisely on market need to sell service especially, the institutions’ loan services. 
  • Promote to make customers aware and understand clearly on all institution’s service that is financial resource which is easy to get in touch with and provides fast service especially, to customers that need loan by persuading them to borrow money from the institution. 
  • Estimate and evaluate collateral correctly base on location (Village, Commune and District) - Study and research correctly and accurately on background, character, business, income, expense, collateral, etc. of customer to assess loan and repayment before giving loan in order to ensure guarantee 100% of repayment capacity.
  • Provide loan accurately and achieve plan as determined by manager (amount of customer, amount of loan, balance, total of loan portfolio). 
  • Prohibit on giving loan to any customers that have business related to law forbidden.
  • Explain about policy, loan procedure and credit policy of the institution to customer. 
  • Check every day on Payment in Arrears of customers. In case knowing that customers are late in repayment base on the contract, Credit Officers have to go to customers’ home or business place immediately to study and solve problem on time in order to avoiding these loans becomes doubtful and write-off loan.
  • Check every day on loan report, study and analyse Balance of Portfolio at Risk and responsibility of Credit Officers on loan quality. In case of having loan problem, Credit Officers have to protect and solve immediately. 
  • Explain customers to repay in the office and should not receive customer’s repayment directly; however, Credit Officer can receive the repayment in case the customers fail in repayment but have to get approval from manager. 
  • Should not do any contract that is beyond the responsibility, such as favour borrowers not to repay base on the contract or favour borrowers not to pay interest, penalty.... But, can give advice to manager if thinking  
Working condition: 
  •  Working day: 5.5 days/week | 8 hours/day 
  •  Public holiday: Follow government 
  •  Competitive salary 
  •  Address: #470 Monyvong Blvd, Sangkhat Tonle Basac, Khan Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh. Industry: Microfinance

Skill & Language
1 - 3 years
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April 06
Full Time
Entry Level
Phnom Penh, Chamkar Mon
CITY Microfinance Institution PLCBanks & Finance11 jobs · Phnom Penh, Chamkar Mon
About Company
TARGET MARKETOur target market is to provide loans and services to the Cambodian people who are willing to create new businesses or expand their businesses which will ultimately contribute to the social and economic development of the country and resulting in promoting the overall standard of living of the people
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