Senior Loan Recovery/Officer

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CITY Microfinance Institution PLC
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January 04

Overall, in charge of collection and management of all problem loans of all levels for seniors 

  1. Collate and prepare information on problem loans and plan executing to reduce these loans in a time frame. 
  2. Develop a system to prevent loans from going problematic and enforcing it to all Credit level. 
  3. Develop Polices and SOP to ensure all problematic loans are captured and documented and analyse with objective to lower the level to an acceptable one based on plan. 
  • Plan and collate information in easily understandable forms to present true view of the problematic loans 
  • Analyse and identify factors to prevent loans going problematic 
  • Adapt loan recovery policy and procedure to reflect the real situation.
  • Develop legal aspects of late payment resolution with local authorities and in court to ensure satisfactory results
  • Organise and train loan recovery officers 
  • Develop and update bad loan recovery policy and procedures 
  • Develop loans loss reports to provide transparency and accuracies to management and have pals to resolve the loss issue. 
  • Analyse the monthly loan loss reports of all branches and provide primary recommendations.
  • Analyse the monthly debt collection reports produced by bad loan recovery officers and provide primary recommendations to Head of Credit Risk Department to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of debt recovery.
Working condition: 
  • Working day: 5.5 days/week | 8 hours/day 
  • Public holiday: Follow government 
  • Competitive salary 
  • Address: #470 Monyvong Blvd, Sangkhat Tonle Basac, Khan Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh. Industry: Microfinance

Skill & Language
1 - 3 years
1 candidate
March 04
Full Time
Senior Level
Phnom Penh, Chamkar Mon
CITY Microfinance Institution PLCBanks & Finance11 jobs · Phnom Penh, Chamkar Mon
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TARGET MARKETOur target market is to provide loans and services to the Cambodian people who are willing to create new businesses or expand their businesses which will ultimately contribute to the social and economic development of the country and resulting in promoting the overall standard of living of the people
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