Sales Supervisor

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Borey Bunly - បុរីប៊ុនលី
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November 04

1. Job summary: 
The primary purpose of this position is to lead sale teams to increase sale volume, develop sales policy, set short and long-term sale strategies, evaluate sales status, and recommend solutions to improve customers satisfaction
2. Job Responsibilities: 
  • Develop and execute sales activity plan, sales procedures, and all necessary paperwork to facilitate the sales process of the company. 
  • Make a daily plan, train and coaching to sales team. 
  • Lead/Manage and motivate the sale teams to achieve sales target of the company and set sale target to sales team by using management tool (motivate, coaching and KPI). 
  • Offer advice and support the sale teams to close deals 
  • Develop effective training programs for salespeople to improve their performance. 
  • Track all appointments, sales, complaints, status reports, etc. thoroughly for manager review. 
  • Resolve disputes among salespeople as well customer complaints on sale issues. 
  • Assist manager in sales strategy and develop. 
  • Delegate tasks assign by manager, set deadline, and follow up result and daily report.
  • Set sale target to sales team and lead/manage team to achieve target (use motivation and KPI or another tool to help team) 
  • Track weekly, monthly, and quarterly of sales team performance. 
  • Perform all other related duties as assigned by the management. 
3. Job Specification (Requirements): 
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Marketing, IR, Communication, or related field 
  • At least 3-5-year experience on sales in real estate sector 
  • Male or Female Age: 26 – 36 Years old
  • Strong oral and written communication skills 
  • Proven ability to lead teams to meet sale quotas 
  • Excellent leadership skills 
  • Result oriented with analytical skills 
  • Computer literate, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint  
Working Condition 
  • Working day from Monday – Friday 8 Hrs a day, Saturday work 4 hours 
  • Holiday Sunday and traditional holiday 
  • Other benefit follows company policy

Skill & Language
Sales Leadership
Corporate Communications
4 - 6 years
1 candidate
December 05
Full Time
Experience Level
Phnom Penh, Dangkao
Borey Bunly - បុរីប៊ុនលីReal Estate Company | Commercial Real Estate Agency | Real Estate Developer9 jobs · Phnom Penh, Dangkao
Privately Held
11-50 employees
About Company
Borey Bunly បុរីប៊ុនលី ​បាននឹងទទួលការជោគជ័យ​គឺដោយសារមានការទុកចិត្តចំពោះសំណង់របស់យើង ជាមួយនឹងការចនាម៉ូត ដែលជាម៉ូតថ្មី ស៊ីវិល័យ និងទាន់សម័យ។ បុរីប៊ុនលី មានផ្ទះ៣ប្រភេទ Shophouse ប្រភេទ A និងTownhouse ប្រភេទ B និង C ដែលជាប្រភេទផ្ទះសមរម្យសម្រាប់ការធ្វើអាជីវកម្ម យោងទៅតាមការរីកលូតលាស់សេដ្ផកិច្ចក្នុងតំបន់។
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