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About UsKirisu Farm brings together Cambodia’s top homegrown entrepreneurs with international experts to create a harmonious, healthy, and happy environment for our cows to produce the freshest, tastiest milk available in the Kingdom. Fresh dairy milk is a nutritious and wholesome ingredient in hundreds of recipes and preparations and is delicious as an ice-cold drink with nothing added and nothing taken away. Perfect for young and old, any time of the day.
Our MissionKhmer Fresh Milk has a long-term vision to bring pure natural milk produced by modern agricultural techniques and food preparation and processing under world-class hygienic standards to Cambodia market. Proudly produced in Cambodia, you will easily find our 100% pure dairy products with the unique taste, the best quality & the highest nutrition for your beloved family.
Our 300-hectare farmWe operate the most modern and high-tech dairy farm and processing plant in Cambodia, built to the highest international standards.Our strategic focus is on the welfare of our animals, on their environment, and on a high-quality production process that has been GMP/HACCP certified by the relevant international bodies.
Our CowsWhat really makes us special is our cows – 550 purebred Holstein Heifers imported from Australia. Holstein cows are known the world over as the ‘creme de la creme’ of dairy production.We feed them with grass, corn, and legumes grown on-site to oversee the quality of what they eat and to minimize our environmental impact.
Our TechnologyWe have engaged the expertise of Israeli specialists Afimilk, one of the world’s largest suppliers of dairy farm technology and management processes, to ensure our farm meets our high standards.Afimilk has years of experience in establishing thriving dairy farms around the world including in Vietnam, Bangladesh, and China.